Inspection Platform

Augmented Reality toolkit designed to report accurate location of the defects with HoloLens2 headset. Recording problems as they happen accelerates engineering disposition and improves coordination between technicians on-site and engineering support.


  1. Label defects with spatial markers
  2. Create quality records by making snapshots, attach voice or text notes
  3. Manage and export collected data through the desktop content management system
  4. Provide real-time feedback
  5. Refer to the documents, work instructions, and checklists

  • Monthly subscription per 1 user account
  • HoloLens2 is provided on demand


Spiral helps to discover the use case for Augmented Reality in your facility, prototype the solution, and promote buy-in from the leadership. This option is most suitable for innovation departments, and corporate accelerators


  1. Identify problems that could be solved with AR
  2. Interview stakeholders to understand root cases, and define target KPIs
  3. Map IT systems and data sources involved
  4. Prototype the solution relevant for your context
  5. Prepare a demonstration package for management

  • 3-6 months project supported by a dedicated team
  • One-time service fee is based on the jointly agreed scope and duration of the project
  • Hololens 2 devices may be provided on demand

Demo Account

Have your own HoloLens2? Install the app from MS Store and test Spector now!


  1. Explore use-case templates
  2. Test spatial markers, snapshots, and documents
  3. View collected data through the desktop content management system

  • 1 month limited access to the Inspection Platform
  • 2 hours of product support from the AR expert on demand

Streamline your business.
Better equipped personnel performs maintenance and troubleshooting faster reducing plant downtime and increasing utilization of equipment.